Elevator 2: Propaganda


I first came across the music of L.A. rapper Jason Petty aka Propaganda nine years ago. I saw his CD and realized he was a member of the rap crew Tunnelrats, who were all sharp-witted, spiritually earnest and lyrically acrobatic. And sure enough Propaganda displayed all those qualities.

The best California rappers have the ability to draw you in with the warmth of their humor and slang and then blindside you with tragic tales, uncomfortable imagery or challenging ideas. Yes, Propaganda has it too.

His recent ‘Excellent’ album [download it for free here] is not easy listening. It’s BBQs and barbed wire, it’s theology and cultural criticism, it’s activism and fatherhood. His versatility is a wonderful thing, but ultimately it’s his prophetic edge that makes him such a vital figure in contemporary culture.

He brings up uncomfortable truths about America’s ugly history. He dares his rap contemporaries to lose the whole world and gain back their souls. He candidly shares his own brokenness and his fierce allegiance to Jesus and his Kingdom. His words point us towards revolution, repentance, forgiveness and joy.

I’m so grateful for Propaganda. Through him God has spoken to my spirit. May God bless his socks off.

Here he introduces himself and his ‘Excellent’ album:

and here’s the title track:

Here’s ‘Redefined Cutter’, an emotive autobiographical rap attack – beautiful stuff:

‘Crimson Cord’ gives us a good sense of his depth, his theology and his willful musical left-fieldness:

If those got to you, I encourage you to check out the following:

The Gospel of Jesus in 4 minutes

A thorough interview with Rapzilla

And his collaborative album ‘Art Ambidextrous’ with labelmate Odd Thomas to download for free!


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