Elevator 3: Fleur Earth

I discovered Fleur Earth via the killer track ‘Stein Im Brett’ on hip-hop producer Suff Daddy’s mainly instrumental album ‘Suff Sells’. Something about her tone of voice grabbed me, so I looked for more material and found gems. Since living in Germany as a teenager, German hip-hop has been one of the ways I’ve stayed connected with the language and I love hearing the various dialects.

Fleur was born in the DDR [East Germany] and raised in the Congo, before moving to Köln as a teenager. She is one of those rare artists who’s both a great singer AND rapper and frequently mixes the two effortlessly. Witty, ethereal, intimate, experimental and cryptic Fleur plays with her listeners. During this lengthy interview she says that as she manifests your emotions through poetry, ‘you could either rationalize grammatically or write it out the way it’s in your head’. She chooses the latter, ‘so my lyrics are hard for some to understand at first, because they haven’t yet explored the outer boundaries’.

Her other stage name is Forsch. Should ‘Forsch’ be translated as ‘outspoken/brisk’ or as ‘research’? I don’t know. Both translations work. In this interview she points out: ‘There’s always an inherent curiosity in humans and when you earnestly pursue that curiosity you quickly start to address the question, ‘What’s my purpose here on earth?’

Her release with producer Quo Vadis ‘Forsch und Facette’ is a departure from her more accessible soulful records. It is hypnotic and quietly ferocious. Fleur Earth is one of the most compelling poet/singer/rappers I’ve yet come across in the German language.

This track ‘Ballade Der Wege’ is superb on every level. And woh, the flow.

‘What is it about her that is so magical?’ – from the chorus on this track ‘Magisch’.

You can listen to her ‘Kurzschluss’ [meaning Short Circuit] album here: http://www.fleurearth.com/music/kurzschluss-lp/

April 2020 Update
You can read up on Fleur Earth’s discography on her site.

Listen to her 2019 ‘Mega Herz’ album here and watch a video for the summery ‘Kristallklarer Kick’ below. Fleur, it would appear, is doing less rapping and more singing these days, but hey, perhaps that’s where the vibes are taking her.

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