Read This First: An Introduction


Where does hip-hop music truly live and thrive? On which continents? In which languages?

Since the music industry spotlight is still mainly aimed at the most shallow, narcissistic and destructive manifestations of the rap genre, I felt I had to play my part in drawing attention to rappers who are elevating the art form.

Of course I could have written one single blog post with a list of 70 rappers with copious links and videos, but I wanted 70elevators to be a celebration of one brilliant lyricist at a time. I never reveal everything I like about a particular artist. I’d rather introduce [or reintroduce] you to the rapper and let you forge your own relationship with the music.

I think we’re living in a new golden age of hip-hop music right now. Look past the pop-rap buffoonery. There’s a world of mesmerizing, brutally honest, sharp-witted, prophetic and activating rap songs out there. Let’s enjoy AND share these songs!

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Take your time. Don’t speed through the blog entries. Some raps are incredibly well crafted and deserve to breathe a little.

I’m inviting you to a fine rhyme tasting session.

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